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About Us

Recognized as one of the most innovative manufacturers of quality diamond cutting tools in the industry, the Texas Diamond Tools professionals have designed and built high performance products since 1976.

The on-going goals of Texas Diamond Tools are underscored by quality products, competitively priced and supported by a sales service staff ready to respond to customer needs.

The established quality of TDT products is the result of 25 years of research, development, and manufacturing experience. The performance of TDT products is continuously monitored by laboratory testing and by examination of tools which have proven their worth in the field.

Texas Diamond Tools sales and service capabilities are centered around experienced personnel with engineering and manufacturing backgrounds. Their professionals have the technical know-how to effectively deal with customers needs, and to follow up with customers after the sale.

Consistent with our customer service goals we have developed this web site to:

  1. To inform established and potential customers of the latest available TDT products.
  2. To provide customers with valuable reference information, which can decrease tool costs, improve profitability and enhance safety.