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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a diamond impregnated product?

The diamond in your diamond impregnated cutting tool is the hardest and strongest material known to man. The diamonds are distributed throughout a metal matrix to provide new diamond for continuous cutting for the life of the segment.

Selection of diamond type, size, and concentration is important. To match the abrasiveness of the material to be cut, the alloys selected for the matrix are also of utmost importance.

The correct balance of diamond and matrix is formulated by TDT for maximum life and speed for each application.

What is Wet Cutting?

Water plays two parts, cooling and cuttings removal. The speed at which cuttings are removed is important to both life and cutting speed of the product.

If the removal of cutting is too rapid, the abrasive action may not be enough to wear the bond to expose new diamonds, causing the product to slow or stop cutting. If the removal of cuttings is too slow, the abrasive action on the bond may be too great and the diamonds may be dropped prematurely causing short life.

In most cases the water leaving the cut should have a cloudy, milky appearance.

What is Dry Cutting?

Dry cutting tools are used where water is not available or desired. These products are run primarily on high RPM equipment to generate air-flow which helps to remove cuttings and promote cooling. Dry cutting tools require intermittent cutting (the removal of the product from the cut every 10 to 15 seconds). The equipment used most for dry cutting includes, circular hand saws, hand grinders, high speed gas-powered demolition saws, and masonry saws.

Warning: Sawing and drilling can generate dust. Dust may affect the breathing function. Avoid dust contact by use of dust control and protective equipment. Use in accordance with OSHA. (29CFR Part 1910.134).

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